• Always feel “at home”
  • Effortless relationshipsKim Blackmore - MD & Transformative Coach at Indigo Eagle Ltd
  • Transform from the inside out
  • Harness your Creative Potential
  • Live in the feeling of your innate well being
  • Explore what is really possible
  • Thrive in any circumstance
  • Experience your life in a rich, fulfilling & beautiful way

By exploring and understanding the nature of the human experience, you will transform from the inside out.

What is Transformative Coaching?

Deep, within each of us, is a place, a quiet and tranquil place; beneath the noise of our thinking. It is in this quiet place that you can find the source of your creative power and your innate well-being.

The good news is that you don’t need to meditate or sit on a hillside in Tibet to find this place within you, as it is always there and it is very easy to get back there without any techniques or rituals.

Transformative coaching is an exploration of what is behind all human experience and through conversation you will discover for yourself how you are creating your experience of life – moment to moment. You will also reconnect with your own inner well-being which is a feeling of “being home” and you will learn how to thrive no matter what your circumstances.

Understanding how life really works will have a profound effect on your life – your experience of life will transform and this in turn, like a pebble in a pond, will positively effect the lives of those around you too.

Transformative coaching – enabling you to transform your experience of life from the inside – out.

Transformation from the Inside Out

Most people think that their experience of life comes from the world and the people around them. This is completely normal as from a young age we are taught that our feelings and emotions are as a results of our experience.

Through understanding psychology and how the mind works, many people see and understand that their experience is subjective and that they can change their subjective experience – usually with techniques such as NLP and CBT. This can feel very empowering but there is a missing piece!

For 6 years, I taught and coach others using such techniques, often with great results. I could see the limitations of working solely with a clients subjective experience.

There is something deeper at play in the human experience and the missing link is the 3 principles – mind, thought and consciousness. By exploring and understanding these 3 Principles (which are behind ALL human experience) we can transform our personal experience of life.

Would you like to – thrive in any circumstance, have clarity, live in the feeling of your innate well-being, have better relationships with others,explore your creative potential and experience life in a rich, fulfilling and more beautiful way.

I offer 1-2-1 (12 month coaching programmes and intensives) and group Transformative coaching services.

Transformative Coaching Services:

  • 1-2-1 Coaching – over Skype/telephone
  • 3 day Intensive – optional and recommended 3 day intensive with me before starting the coaching programme, to immerse yourself into understanding the three principles and deepening this understanding.

1-2 1 Transformative Coaching Packages:

  • 3 day intensive plus 12 months coaching – £7500 inc vat

Coaching without a 3 day intensive

  • 12 months of Transformative Coaching  – £5500 inc vat

Choice of location (for intensives): London, Hertfordshire & Essex

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